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[dataset] Global Forest Change

Results from time-series analysis of Landsat images characterizing forest extent and change. Trees are defined as vegetation taller than 5m in height and are expressed as a percentage per output grid cell as ‘2000 Percent Tree Cover’. ‘Forest Cover Loss’ is defined as a stand-replacement disturbance, or a change from a forest to non-forest state, during the period 2000–2020. ‘Forest Cover Gain’ is defined as the inverse of loss, or a non-forest to forest change entirely within the period 2000–2012. ‘Forest Loss Year’ is a disaggregation of total ‘Forest Loss’ to annual time scales. Reference 2000 and 2019 imagery are median observations from a set of quality assessment-passed growing season observations.

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Identifier global-forest-change
Contact Point Hansen, M. C., P. V Potapov, R. Moore, M. Hancher, S. A. Turubanova, A. Tyukavina, D. Thau, S. V Stehman, S. J. Goetz, T. R. Loveland, A. Kommareddy, A. Egorov, L. Chini, C. O. Justice, and J. R. G. Townshend; University of Maryland, Department of geographical Science
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Information Website;old=off;bl=off;lon=20;lat=10;zoom=3;
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Coordinate Reference System
Spatial Resolution 30
Spatial Resolution Measured In meters
Temporal Coverage 2000-01-01 to 2020-12-31
Temporal Resolution annual
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