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Traffic Light Extension Reference

This page gives an overview over the configuration of the traffic light extension. The extension shows a traffic light with either a green, yellow or red light, based on the evaluation of provision of metadata for each metadata record. Extension users can can configure which fields - depending on metadata record type - are evaluated; if weights for these fields should be included in the evaluation; and at which limits the traffic light switches color.

Weights enabled:


Traffic Light Color Value Ranges

The evaluation of the metadata provision always yields a value between 0 and 1. Depending on this value the traffic light either shows a green, yellow or red light. If no weights are applied, this value resolves to the percentage of filled metadata fields that are inculded in the calculation.

Green Light: 0.8 ≤ value ≤ 1
Yellow Light: 0.3 ≤ value < 0.8
Red Light: 0 ≤ value < 0.3

Evaluated Metadata Fields

Users of the extension can - for each metadata record type in the catalog - specify which metadata fields (and possibly with which weight) are evalauted with this extension, e.g., all optional metadata fields.

CKAN process schema for GeoKur

(internal schema name: process)

Field Label Internal Field Name Weight
Documentation documentation -
Used used -
Generated generated -
Category category -
Description notes -

CKAN workflow schema for GeoKur

(internal schema name: workflow)

Field Label Internal Field Name Weight
Documentation documentation -
Source code source_code -
Related processes rel_processes -
Related datasets rel_datasets -
Description notes -

CKAN dataset schema for GeoKur

(internal schema name: dataset)

Field Label Internal Field Name Weight
None license_title -
Temporal Resolution temporal_resolution -
Spatial Resolution spatial_resolution -
Was derived from was_derived_from -
Theme / Vocabulary / Ontology theme -
None tags -
Is Version of is_version_of -
Is Part of is_part_of -
Description notes -
Data Quality Metric quality_metrics -
Coordinate Reference System conforms_to -
Temporal Coverage Start temporal_start -
Temporal Coverage End temporal_end -
Documentation documentation -
Information Website url -